Quick Start

Treefrog requires Node.js (tested on version 16.16.0).

Once you have Node, clone the repo and then run it from a terminal:

git clone https://gitlab.com/gushogg-blake/treefrog.git
cd treefrog
npm install
npm run build
npm start

Desktop Integration

Treefrog supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, but there is no installer or package. This is partly by design and partly because code signing etc makes shipping apps to Windows and Mac expensive and time-consuming.

The by-design part is that by staying closer to the code you get fine-grained control over your installation, for example upgrading and switching between versions can be done by checking out different Git branches and re-running npm install; npm run build.


See install/linux/readme.md.

License & Funding

Treefrog is released for free under the MIT license. You can support its development on buymeacoffee and Patreon.